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Ada Cornaro

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Ada Cornaro was a prominent Argentine film and theatre actress, tango dancer and singer of the 1930s and 1940s. Although she entered film in 1924 her claim to fame was in the 1930 tango film hit Adiós Argentina in which she starred alongside icon Libertad ...


Adabel Guerrero

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Adabel Anahí Guerrero Melachenko, better known simply as Adabel Guerrero, is an Argentine professional theater and burlesque dancer, actress, and supervedette, who has also dabbled as a model and as a singer in several of her television, magazine and thea ...


Aoniken Quiroga

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Emilia Attías

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María Emilia Attías Pompei is an Argentine actress, dancer, model and TV host.


Graciela Daniele

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Graciela Daniele is an Argentine-American dancer, choreographer, and theatre director.


Juan Carlos Copes is an Argentine tango dancer, choreographer, and performer. He contributed to worldwide revival of tango as a dance form after 1970.