Learn Tango 79 topics


Basics 7 topics

What Is a Tanda, What Is a Milonga, What Kind of Clothes & Shoes to Wear, Floor Craft Tips, Dance Etiquette Tips, Styles of Argentine Tango

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Beginner Level 11 topics

Forward step, Back step, Side step, Rock step, Walking, Walking with turn, Soft knees, Concept of leading, Concept of following, Requesting and accepting a dance, Lead’s floor craft (collision avoidance, line of dance, etc), Open embrace, Balance, Axis, Anticipation, Rhythm, Beat, Posture and frame, Connection with partner, Weight changes in place, Ocho – back and front, Parallel and cross system, Cruzada, Simple embellishments (eg tap)

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Creativity on the floor, Use of the follower’s free leg, Close embrace, Transition between open to close embrace, Corrected posture positions (body, arms, elbows, etc), Molinette, Giro in the open embrace, Boleo - back and forward, Media Luna,
Refinements of embellishments (eg lapiz), Barrida, Sacada, Ocho cortado, Variations on the ocho (eg with barrida), Parada, Vals, Milonga, Gancho, Sandwich, Carpa, Basic colgada

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Advanced Level 31 topics

Spontaneous variation of the steps (eg staccato and legato movements),
Precision on posture and frame, Refinement of the colgada, Enganche, Planeo, Enrosque, Calesita, Cadena, Volcada, Refinement of the close embrace, Giro (under close embrace), Syncopation, Variations of the parada, Variations of the boleo, Variations of the barrida, Variations on the ocho (eg revolving forward ochos and revolving backward ochos), Variations on the sacada (eg back sacada and follower’s sacada), Variations on the colgada, Complex and refined embellishments, Follower’s 'conversation' (eg resisting/releasing movement, using momentum, slowing/speeding things down)

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Men's Technique No topics

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