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Marcia Moretto

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Marcia Moretto, born in 1946 and died in 1981 in Paris, was an American dancer, choreographer and director. She worked with Armando Llamas and also taught dance at Sartrouville in the 1970s. Her students included Catherine Ringer and Frédéric Chichin, the ...


Moria Casán

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Ana María Casanova, known by her stage name Moria Casán, is an Argentine actress, television host, producer, media personality and supervedette. Casán is one of the most important women in Argentine showbusiness, and her Net worth is estimated to be aroun ...


Paulette Duval

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Paulette Duval was a French dancer and actress of the silent film era and early sound motion pictures. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1889 and raised in France. She was considered one of the most beautiful women in Paris in the early twentiet ...


Romina Yan

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Romina Yankelevich, better known as Romina Yan, was an Argentine actress, screenwriter, singer and dancer. She made her television debut in the program Jugate Conmigo, and is notorious for her portrayal of Belén Fraga in the internationally successful ser ...