10th Anniversary Philly Tango Festival

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28 May 2021 17:30 - 31 May 2021 02:00
lithuanian music hall association - 2030 frankford avenue
philadelphia, United States
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Gustavo Rember, Octavio Fernandez, Eli Ambron, Micaela Barrett, Marcelo Rosensaft, Manuk Colakyan, Alberto Cordero, Adam Hoopengardner, Ciko Tanik
Fabian Salas, Lola Diaz, Octavio Fernandez, Carla Marano, Maja Petrovic, Marko Miljevic, Adam Hoopengardner, Ciko Tanik, Andres Amarilla, Meredith Klein

10th Anniversary Philly Tango Festival
May 22-25, 2020 | Live Music Every Night!

A very special extended weekend of tango workshops, social dancing, live music, performances and more! Over 10 Festivals and the intent has always remained the same:

- In-depth tango study
- Transcendent dance connections with familiar and new partners
- A friendly atmosphere that facilitates getting dances and meeting
new people
- Chances to dance to amazing live tango music
- An approachable and giving group of maestros who invest totally in
the festival and its participants, instead of holding themselves apart
as “stars”
- A chance to absent yourself from the stresses of modern life, and
experience complete tango immersion and tango bliss for four days
and nights.

Featuring the Típica Messiez Tango Orchestra!

• Fabian Salas & Lola Diaz
• Carla Marano & Octavio Fernandez
• Maja Petrović and Marko Miljević
• Matias Facio
• Adam Hoopengardner & Ciko Tanik
• Gustavo Rember
• Emiliano Messiez & Leandro Ragusa (musicians)
• Kristin Balmer & Amy Yang
• Andres Amarilla & Meredith Klein

• Gustavo Rember
• Octavio Fernandez
• Eli Ambron
• Micaela Colleen Barrett
• Marcelo Rosensaft
• Manuk Colakyan
• Alberto Ramos Cordero
• Adam Hoopengardner
• Ciko Tanik

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All Dates

  • From 28 May 2021 17:30 to 31 May 2021 02:00

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