Bremen Neotango Marathon 2019

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21 June 2019 00:00 - 23 June 2019 23:00

What's about NeotangoRave?

20 DJanes from all over Europe
5 VJanes dto
10 Teacher dto
40 hours of dancing
260 Participants from USA to Bulgaria and Australia to Sweden
Live act »Fusion of Tango and Jazz« von Carlos Libedinsky und David Jehn
Fashion Monika Sommer

Find Out Why
A Team of Artists ...

Laurenz Wiskott
Based in Dortmund

Ralph Byrszel
Based in Heidelberg

Kiki & Danièl
Based in Grabow

Simone Schlafhorst
Based in Dortmund

Mari Olschewski
Based in Hamburg

Anna Neum
Based in Moscow

Elio Astor
Based in Rome

David Jehn
Based in Bremen

Jean-Marc Vandel
Based in Lausanne

Elke und Sönke
Based in Aukrug

Sonja Armisen
Based in Munich

Jessica Förster
Based in Malmö

Peggy Schorn
Based in Tübingen

Zefania Stokkermans
Based in Amsterdam

Alain Andrieux
Based in London

Based in Bremen

Bo Norrman
Based in Gotenborg

Max Thomas
Based in Berlin

Malin Zehaie
Uppsala, Sweden

Jens Kuchenbäcker
Bremen, Germany

Andreas Lange
Based in Hannover

Iwa & Andrejs
Based in Stockholm

Klaus Guess & tangoundmehr
Kassel, Germany

Leszek Wierzbick
Based in Szczecin

Danuta Slabinska
Warsaw, Poland

Berlin, Germany

Carlos Libedinsky
Based in Buenos Aires


All Dates

  • From 21 June 2019 00:00 to 23 June 2019 23:00

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